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Today's Maya date is: - 1588 days into the new cycle!
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Prehistoric Native Americans farmed macaws in ‘feather factories’
Birds were spiritual emblems in pueblos of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico.
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Welcome to the Maya at Mexicolore!

Mexicolore is a small, specialist, independent, artefact-based teaching team providing in-school visits and teaching resources on Mexico, the Mexica (Aztecs) and the Maya, based in London. Since 1980 our Living History teams have made some 3,000 visits to schools and museums throughout England.

We have 37 years of experience of using artefacts, costumes, music, dance, drama, audio-visual media and other resources to bring the cultures of ancient Mexico (and Mesoamerica in general) to life, enriching the history curriculum in school halls, museums, arts centres, galleries and many other venues.

Whilst our main work has for many years focused on the Aztecs, since September 2014 the Maya now share the stage...
We plan to continue uploading a wide range of informative articles and resources to this section of the Mexicolore website.

‘Our Maya Museum’One school’s ‘Maya Museum’

- inspired by a Frederick Catherwood painting

Ulama: The pre-Columbian ballgame survives todayIf hip-Ulama dies, it would be the end

of the oldest team sport in the world...

How bloody were the Maya?How bloody were the Maya?

Separating fact from fiction...

RESOURCE: Maya and Aztec creation cycles comparedDid the Maya and the Aztecs

share the same creation story?

The early history of chocolateIn its long history, cacao was developed

as a fermented drink - chocolate beer!

Cacao MoneyCocoa beans are durable, small and distinctive

- ideal for use as small change!

The Bonampak MuralsThe Bonampak murals provide an unrivalled source

of knowledge about the ancient Maya world...

RESOURCE: The Story of the Finding of CornResource: the Maya story

of the finding of corn...

Ask the Experts: Maya and Aztec feather headdressesAsk the Experts: Which birds provided feathers

for Maya and Aztec headdresses?

RESOURCE: Cochineal dyeingA hands-on activity with a difference

- dyeing fabrics with cochineal!