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Today's Maya date is: - 2012 days into the new cycle!
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Yucatec Maya spoken today by nearly 1 in 3
But the proportion is falling, and children tell teachers their parents don’t want them to speak their native tongue...
See the El Chilam Balam feature ( in Spanish...)

Carved jade found in El Salvador
Alongside offerings, at the San Andrés Archaeological Park.
See Art Daily feature

Welcome to the Maya at Mexicolore!

Mexicolore is a small, specialist, independent, artefact-based teaching team providing in-school visits and teaching resources on Mexico, the Mexica (Aztecs) and the Maya, based in London. Since 1980 our Living History teams have made over 3,000 visits to schools and museums throughout England.

We have 38 years of experience of using artefacts, costumes, music, dance, drama, audio-visual media and other resources to bring the cultures of ancient Mexico (and Mesoamerica in general) to life, enriching the history curriculum in school halls, museums, arts centres, galleries and many other venues.

Whilst our main work has for many years focused on the Aztecs, since September 2014 the Maya now share the stage...
We plan to continue uploading a wide range of informative articles and resources to this section of the Mexicolore website.

RESOURCES: Maya creation story and the ballgameRESOURCES: Videos on the creation story

and the ancient ritual ballgame

RESOURCE: Ancient Maya gods - 2) Death God Kimi (‘God A’)Basic Maya Facts:-

Maya Death God’ A’

RESOURCE: Maya buildings that resisted earthquakesHow come almost no ancient monuments

were affected by the earthquakes of 2017?

RESOURCE: Maya artefact: cacao pot with jaguar tail handleMaya artefact: cacao pot

with a jaguar tail handle

RESOURCE: Ancient Maya gods - 1) Itzamná (‘God D’)Basic Maya Facts:-

the ancient god Itzamná

RESOURCE: Did the Maya invent comics?Were the ancient Maya the first

to invent comics...?

RESOURCE: Maya tattoosBoth for Maya men and for women

tattoos were signs of personal bravery...

RESOURCE: The problems of telling Maya glyphs apartJust when you thought you were getting the hang

of Maya glyphs: check this little trio out...!

Teaching the Maya - RESOURCE: geometric designsExtra Maya resource on motifs -

geometric designs on pottery

The Maya calendar and the ‘burden of time’Who is the figure at the centre

of the ‘burden of time’ image?